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Service - We are here to help you

Is your simulator in need of repair? Do you have questions about its operation? We're just an email away. Please contact us at We'll need some basic information so please have the simulator serial number as well as a description of the problem so we can provide you with a quick reply.


Symbio ECG simulators are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship for three years from date of original purchase.Warranty does not include: (i) damage due to leaking batteries; (ii) improper defibrillation through the ECG snaps; or (iii) any misuse or abuse of the equipment. We do offer service for simulators that are out of warranty.

PADS Cables

Have you changed brands of defibrillators and need your simulator to be compatible with them? Symbio will change the PADS cable assembly for you or send you the parts to do it yourself. For pricing and more information please contact us at


Based on the product's stable design and on decades of reliable performance in the field, calibration of our ECG simulators is not required.


Symbio recommends that you check your simulator for the following items prior to each use:

When your simulator is not in use, it is good practice to remove the batteries to prevent corrosion of the battery contacts.