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ALS Manikin

Symbio has partnered with manufacturers of ALS manikins to design and to build the electronics and pneumatics systems that control these active features of their ALS manikins:

Airway features

  • Larynx edema
  • Tongue edema
  • Wrong intubation

Breathing features

  • Chest rise (spontaneous)
  • Chest rise (rescue breathing)
  • Pneumothorax
  • Pulse ox module
  • Lung sounds

Circulation features

  • Chest compression depth
  • ECG waveforms
  • Defibrillation detection
  • Paced beats simulation
  • Pulse points (individually controlled)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Cyanosis
  • Heart sounds

Disability features

  • Reactive Eyes
  • Voice

Exposure features

  • Bleeding
  • Fluids from eyes, nose, mouth

Manikin Software Applications

Symbio has developed several manikin software applications. Instructors use them to monitor and to control: a BP Arm skills trainer, a manikin with built-in CPR sensors and a birthing manikin.

Blood Pressure Trainer

An application for wirelessly controlling a standalone BP Arm skills trainer. Instructors select systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, auscultatory gap, sound volume and heart rate. Runs on Apple® mobile devices.

CPR SkillsCoach

A CPR application that displays and summarizes CPR data that's received wirelessly from a manikin with built-in CPR sensors. In Practice mode, students are presented with real-time visual and auditory feedback on compressions, ventilations and hands-off time. In Evaluation mode, instructors select students' names from the database, record students' CPR sessions and then generate debriefing reports which can be viewed on screen, printed or e-mailed. Runs on iPad®.

View Debriefing Report [PDF]

Fetal Heart Monitor

Firmware embedded within a birthing manikin that transmits graphs of uterine activity and fetal heart rate to a PC or tablet for illustrating the effects that uterine activity can have on fetal heart rate during a delivery.

Selectable contraction parameters include: frequency, duration, strength and resting tone. Selectable fetal heart rate parameters include: rate, variability, various decelerations and accelerations, and periodicity.