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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I shock the simulator with my defibrillator?
Yes. Symbio's ECG simulators are designed to withstand multiple series of shocks delivered throughout a day of training.
Why does the simulator's order number depend on the brand of defibrillator I am using?
The simulator has a PADS connector that mates with your defibrillator's therapy cable, and each defibrillator manufacturer's therapy cable has its own unique style of connector.
So, to ensure that your simulator can connect to your defibrillator, you specify which defibrillator brand you are using and we will install the correct PADS connector.
Do I need to download and to install an application for the simulator?
The simulator is ready to be used, as is. There is no application that needs to be installed.


Can I use a credit card to buy a simulator from you?
Yes, Symbio accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We will need the usual information printed on the card, as well as the shipping and billing addresses. You may contact us for a form to fill out - then fax back - or feel free to phone us with the information.
Can I use a purchase order to buy a simulator from you?
Yes, Symbio accepts purchase orders with payment terms of net 30 days. If you are interested in opening an account, please contact us.
How will the simulator be shipped to me?
For customers within the US, we will ship via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground from Hillsboro, OR.
Shipping costs will be added to your invoice. Alternatively, we can use your organization's shipping account number so that shipping costs are not added to your invoice.
For customers outside of the US, please contact us for more information.
All shipments are FOB origin.
Are your simulators sold by other companies?
Yes. Symbio's simulators are sold by companies that produce cardiac care training products and their distributors, as well as defibrillator retailers and manufacturers.