Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I shock the simulator with my defibrillator?
    Yes. The simulator is designed to withstand multiple series of shocks delivered throughout a day of training.
  2. Can you tell me how the simulator works?
    For training on a defibrillator, connect your therapy cable to the simulator’s PADS connector and discharge safely into the simulator. An indicator will light if the discharge was delivered from a defib set to 50J or more. For training on an external pacer, connect both your therapy cable and ECG cable to the simulator, adjust pacer rate and current, then start pacing. When the pacer is adjusted properly, paced beats will be displayed on your monitor. There is a lighted pushbutton for each of the simulator’s ECG waveforms. Your monitor/defibrillator picks up the ECG waveforms through the simulator’s ECG snaps and PADS connector.
  3. When I order a simulator, which PADS connector do I specify?
    The type of PADS connector that we install on your simulator depends on the brand and model of defibrillator you will be using. If you’re not sure which connector you need, please refer to the photos of the PADS connectors on this website. You may also call us for help.
  4. Can I use a 12-lead simulator with three- and four-lead ECG monitors?
    Yes, a 12-lead simulator can be used with three- and four-lead ECG monitors. Simply connect your monitor’s ECG cable to the limb lead snaps on the 12-lead simulator.
  5. Can a three-lead simulator be used with a 12-lead ECG monitor?
    No. To display ECG waveforms properly, the 12-lead ECG monitor requires all 10 of its ECG wires to be connected. Because the 3-lead simulator has only four ECG wire connections, it can not be used with a 12-lead monitor.
  6. When I call Symbio Corp, may I speak directly with a technical service representative?
    Yes. If you should have questions about any aspect of the simulator, you may speak directly with someone who has the knowledge to answer your questions.
  7. Can I purchase a Symbio simulator directly from your company?
    Yes. We will build your simulator after the order is taken and then ship it to you via ground.
  8. Where else can I find your simulators for sale?
    Our simulators are also sold through training product companies, medical supply distributors and defibrillator manufacturers.
  9. How do I order one of your simulators?
    If using a credit card, you can call in your order, or you can fill out our order form then e-mail or fax it to us. If you e-mail or fax your order, we will call you to confirm your order, and at that time, we will take your credit card information. For overseas orders, credit card purchases are preferred. If using a purchase order, you can e-mail or fax it to us. All orders will be confirmed within one business day after they are placed.
  10. Is there an order form I need to fill out?
    If using a credit card and you want to e-mail or fax your order, please fill out our order form which you can download from this site. If you want to call in your order, it isn’t necessary to fill out the order form. However, it’s a good idea to review the form before calling in your order so you will know what information you will be asked to provide. If using a purchase order, it isn’t necessary to fill out the order form.
  11. What other types of products does Symbio Corp create?
    Symbio has created many custom products for its customers. For example, we provide electronics and pneumatics for a state-of-the-art ACLS manikin which is controlled by a PDA program that we have developed. We also work closely with defibrillator manufacturers to provide new simulators that help demonstrate their new product features.