First time customers

As a first time customer, you must call, e-mail or fax to get Symbio's company information. After we provide it, you can set us up in your ordering system and then issue a purchase order.

Before we set up your account, we will need the name of your contact person as well as the phone and fax numbers where we can reach them. An email address is optional. We will also need your ship-to and bill-to addresses. You can include this information on the PO. Once we receive it, we will open your account.

After we enter your information into our system, we will create your sales order and confirm via fax or email that your order has been accepted.

For subsequent orders, you will only need to fill out the PO.

Credit Card Purchases

Symbio requires customer information, including contact name, phone number, fax, ship-to address, credit card bill-to address, and credit card number for all credit card purchases. Email is optional.

When purchasing via email, you can provide all of this information (except the credit card number) by filling out Symbio’s order form and emailing or faxing it to us. You do not need to complete the order form with phone orders. However, we recommend you review the form prior to calling so you will know what information we will need to complete your order.

Once we enter your information into our system, Symbio will create a sales order and confirm your order through fax or email.

We will maintain your credit card number unless you request that we purge it from our files. We do so to simplify future billing and orders. We do not share or sell your personal information.

Phone: 503-748-2030
Fax: 503-748-2031

All orders will be confirmed within one business day after they are placed.

Order Form

You do not need to use this form for purchase orders.

Company Information
Billing Information
Shipping Information

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Product Ordering

Payment: Shipments to outside the USA require Credit Card payment. We will contact you for your credit card information.